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Podgorica Bemax League will bring together 36 teams and about 600 boys and girls

After a year in which there were no competitions in the younger age categories due to the corona virus pandemic, competitions in the Youth League started last weekend.

But, what is especially important is that after the break, the competition for the youngest returns – after extensive preparations, everything is ready to continue the beautiful story, which this season will bring together girls and boys called Podgorica Bemax league of primary schools in basketball.

At today’s meeting in “Bemax arena”, it was agreed that the new season, the fourth in the girls ‘competition, and the first in the boys’ competition, will start on the first weekend of November. Impressive numbers already guarantee that this will be a competition of great importance – 18 schools from the capital, Golubovci and Tuzi, will have their teams in men’s and women’s competition, and about 600 boys and girls will compete in 160 games. fight for valuable rewards.

All this shows that the elementary school students will have a competition, which will last until May, and which will be organized at the level of professionals and which would be envied by many clubs. At the meeting in the “Bemax Arena”, where all the matches of the league will be played, Zoran Vujicic, in front of the organizers, BC Podgorica, agreed with the teachers of the participating schools on certain details of the competition.

  • The fact is that the Bemax league has brought a lot of positive things during the three seasons, that we managed to popularize this sport, which was the goal, because a large number of new participants appeared in our basketball school. It is a pleasure that several new talents were affirmed through this league, girls who reached the first team of Buducnost, and even the cadet national team. All this shows that this project is the right move and that is why we continue for the good of women’s basketball with this story, and now BC Podgorica as the project leader, thanks to the sponsor, Bemax, we have the opportunity to expand this project to men’s basketball – said Zoran Vujicic.

Just like the previous seasons, “Sutjeska”, “Milorad Musa Burzan”, “Oktoih”, “May 21”, “Vuk Karadzic”, “Makarije Printing House”, “Radojica Perovic”, “Maxim Gorki”, “Savo Pejanovic”, “Dragisa Ivanovic” will participate in the league. Božidar Vuković from Podgorica, Branko Božović, Vlado Milić, Vladimir Nazor, Pavle Rovinski, Marko Miljanov and Mahmut Lekić, while this time the city municipality of Golubovci will be represented by Zarija Vujošević, and it is expected that “Niko Marash” also contributed. The teams will be divided into two groups with nine teams each, and after the group phase and nine rounds, the elimination phase will follow.

  • This is a really great story. At first, it was difficult to form a team, because there were not many girls in the mood for basketball, but as time went on, the response was increasing. The organizers of the league really tried to make the children feel like professionals, because the complete sports equipment and the hall in which they play really works on a professional level and that certainly influenced many of them to enter the basketball section – said Marija Nišavić, professor, from elementary school. , Sutjeska ”.

Director Zoran Vujicic explained that all girls and boys will receive a new set of sports equipment for the new season, in the form of fringes, coaches and ranches, as a gift from the organizers of the league, thanks to the sponsor, the company “Bemax”. That the organizer thought about every detail is perhaps best shown by the fact that the children will have a meal provided after the matches.

  • This is something really amazing and this project is the most beautiful thing that has happened to children in the last who knows how many years. I am glad that the competition for boys will now be organized, and all professors will try to give their contribution – said Jasna Lješković, who wrote history as the first champion of this league with the elementary school “Dragiša Ivanović”.