"Bemax" is also the general sponsor of RSCG in the following year | Zvanični sajt kompanije Bemax Zvanični sajt kompanije Bemax



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“Bemax” is also the general sponsor of RSCG in the following year

After the successful performances of the “lionesses” at the World Cup and the “lions” at the European Championship, it is time to sign new contracts and continue cooperation with the traditional sponsors and partners of the Handball Association of Montenegro.

One of them is one of the most successful Montenegrin companies “Bemax”, with which cooperation has been agreed during 2024.

The contract, which was signed in the premises of the Association by the President of the Association Petar Kapisoda and the executive director of the company “Bemax” Miladin Mijajlović, represents the third extension of cooperation, which is the best confirmation that in the past years both parties have achieved their goals.

“We continue cooperation with one of the most successful Montenegrin companies. We are signing a new contract for the third time, which is a confirmation that as partners we have achieved what we set out to do in the past years. The actions of “Bemax” are an example that should be followed by other socially responsible companies, because in recent years they have significantly supported Montenegrin handball, which was important both for the development of individual clubs and for the realization of what is the priority of the Association – worthy representation country on the international stage by representative selections. Without the support of the general sponsor, it would not be possible to carry out all the activities in our annual calendar, so I believe that the excellent editions of the men’s and women’s national teams at the last two major competitions are an announcement of good results in the Olympic year, which is special for every athlete,” Kapisoda said. .

Mijajlović pointed out that “Bemax” continues its successful cooperation with the Association by signing the contract.

“We are continuing our cooperation with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of handball and sports in Montenegro through the successes achieved by our handball players this year as well.” After the restoration of independence, the national handball teams were recognized by the public as the best ambassadors of our country on the international stage, and the confirmation came again after the excellent performances of handball players at the World and European Championships. I believe that our support will be a stimulus for the results of girls and boys who proudly wear the national emblem on their jerseys at all ages, to be at a high level in the Olympic year as well,” said Mijajlović.