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Vukovic with the residents of Zlatica: Soon a new sports and recreational zone

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vukovic, visited Stara Zlatica, where the reconstruction of Dunavska Street is underway and the construction of a new sports and recreational zone has officially begun.

As it was announced from the Capital, Vukovic reminded that two months ago, the dynamics of the realization of two important projects for this part of the city was agreed with the locals.

The first refers to the partial reconstruction of Dunavska Street and the creation of a safe connection with the highway that connects the capital and Kolasin. The detailed urban plan, which was prepared and made available to the public, planned to abolish this connection, which would significantly complicate the lives of people in this part of the city, and a different solution was found.

“Colleagues from the Agency for Construction and Development have done a project that implied the existence of that traffic connection, and at the same time, the reconstruction of Dunavska Street has started. As we did not have a satisfactory infrastructure in that part before, colleagues from Vodovod i kanalizacija made over 100 meters of the atmospheric sewage network. “Sidewalks will also be built, the road will be widened and, in agreement with colleagues from the company Komunalne usluge, public lighting will be done,” Vukovic said.

He added that in this way, a quality connection with the highway, ie the highway, is provided, which will be used by a large number of people. In cooperation with Monteputo, after the Capital completes its part of the work, the company Bemax will be hired to do a thorough rehabilitation of the road in the length of several hundred meters.

Speaking about another extremely important project for Zlatica, the formation of the second largest sports and recreational zone in the city, the mayor said that various companies had been stocking construction materials in this area for years, but that the capital, in cooperation with locals and Bemax, had found solution.

“The company Bemax rehabilitated the area, ie leveled it, even before the agreed deadline. That is why today we are promoting the project of building a new sports and recreational zone on the old Zlatica. The works will start in the next few days and will be finished in three months. A sports and recreational zone will be formed on over 12,000 square meters with two sports fields, different contents, with a children’s playground, a pedestrian path and a landscaped green area “, Vukovic pointed out and thanked the locals for their understanding, patience and, in that sense, support.

Bemax representative Jovana Vuksanović said that Bemax would donate earthworks, works on the construction of pedestrian paths and the construction of two sports fields.

“This is a donation worth 60,000 euros. Works on Dunavska Street are being carried out in the immediate vicinity. Works on the installation of atmospheric sewage and the installation of public lighting are in progress. We will soon start works on the installation of curbs, sidewalks and preparation for asphalt, and the value of these works is around 160,000 euros, “Vuksanović pointed out.

Judging by the reaction of the locals, and their words that they are more than satisfied with the realization of the project, we are convinced that this space will soon get the look it deserves, and our fellow citizens a better and more beautiful life.