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The news about what was searched in Budva is a lie

The “news” that members of the Special Police Department searched apartments in Budva that allegedly belong to Zoran Tomčić, Zoran Lazović, Aleksandar Mijajlović and Ranko Ubović – is not true.

Portal Vijesti has published information that members of the Special Police Department are conducting searches in a building near the Old Town in Budva where, according to them, the family members of the arrested Zoran Lazović, police official Zoran Tomčić, businessman Aleksandar Aco Mijajlović and the owner of the company Bemaks have apartments. Ranko Ubović.

The searched apartments are not owned by the persons mentioned by name, but are the company’s apartments.

We built the building, i.e. performed the construction works and, according to the contractual obligation, received five apartments as compensation. The proof that Bemax is the owner is the indisputable fact that from the first day until today – that is, for a full five years – all maintenance bills, electricity and water consumption, as well as all other associated bills such as cable or taxes for those properties are settled exclusively by the Bemax company. During the previous five years, the apartments, fully furnished, were occasionally offered on the real estate market – for rent.

Data on this can be checked easily and quickly.

Fake news was launched from the Vijesti concern, and, according to a tried-and-tested recipe, it was taken over by a media network formed to spread influence. As we ourselves, as a company, are targeted by them, it is clear to us that the motive behind the launch of this spin is the same – dishonorable pressure on people who are targeted in fake news.