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The new school in Tološi enrolls the first students next year

Construction teams are currently carrying out concrete work on the new, primary school in Tološi, Jovana Vuksanović, a representative of Bemax, which is the main contractor on the project, told Gradski radio.

Bemax says that the deadline for the construction of a new primary school in Podgorica will be met, which means that the first students will be enrolled in the next school year.

“Currently, a slab is being built above the ground floor, while a sports hall is being built,” said Vuksanović.

By the end of the summer, according to Vuksanović, the completion of rough works on the school building is planned, as well as the construction of a sports hall.

“There are currently about 40 workers on the construction site. That number changes depending on the construction technology and is always enough to meet the planned dynamics “, said Vuksanović.

The construction of the primary school in Tološi, which lasts from May 21 this year, is a donation from the Ubović family and will be built in honor of Novka Ubović, a distinguished professor, one of the most prominent educators and winner of the most important awards in the field of education.