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The bridge on Morača soon got a pylon 31 meters high

The installation of pylons on the Southwest Bypass bridge is nearing completion and work will be completed by the end of this month. The pylon will be 31 meters high, and more than 26 meters have been done so far.

Jovana Vuksanović, an engineer in the technical preparation of the company “Bemax”, explains that, technologically speaking, the pylon is divided into camps and for each camp the formwork is installed, reinforcement is installed, saddle for laying oblique cables and concreting is installed. Construction of the pylon began late last month.

Vuksanović states that after the construction of the pylon, works on laying and tightening of oblique cables, making edging wreaths and installation of the bridge will follow.

“We will remove the auxiliary pillars in the riverbed when the weather conditions and the water level of the Morača river allow it, strictly taking into account all environmental aspects,” Vuksanović told Dnevne novine.

She confirmed that all works will be completed by May 21 this year, as previously announced.

“According to our dynamics, the works on asphalting the bridge will be completed at the end of April, that is, the connection of all three sections of the Southwest Bypass,” Vuksanović pointed out.

Currently, works are being carried out on connecting the installations in the bridge zone, a job which, as Vuksanović says, could not have been done earlier due to the construction of a platform for pushing segments of the span structure of the bridge.

Also, additional works are currently being carried out on the installation of the irrigation system and landscaping.

The construction of the Southwest Bypass is an investment worth more than 15 million euros, and its construction began in 2018.

The company “Bemax” states that during the execution of works on the first and third sections, savings were made, so the total investment, together with additional works, will not exceed the agreed amount.

The bypass is 3,621 meters long, divided into three sections and contains two buildings, a bridge over the Morača River, 150 meters long and an overpass in the KAP zone, 29.4 meters long.

The transverse profile of the road is defined with two seven-meter lanes, a two-meter-wide dividing island and two-meter-long sidewalks on both sides.

The southwestern bypass represents the connection between the main road Podgorica Cetinje and the main road Podgorica Petrovac, which is only a part of the traffic ring, which the capital will get in the coming years.

In the next period, the Western Bypass should be built, a road that should connect to the Southwest Bypass and which will connect the Cetinje and Niksic roads all the way to the Komanski Bridge, from where the construction of the boulevard towards Danilovgrad began last year.

The southwestern bypass is of capital importance, because it also represents a part of the future wastewater treatment system, having in mind that a significant part of the primary collector network is located in its hull.

The project for the construction of the Southwest Bypass also envisages the relocation of the transmission line from the route, a work that has not yet been completed.

The company “Bemax” states that the works on the relocation of the transmission line have not started yet, because the investor (Capital) has not solved the problem of the relocation of the transmission line.

As Snezana Adzic, Assistant Director of the Agency for Construction and Development of Podgorica, said earlier, during the project implementation, the planning documentation and detailed plan of PAK and the Southwest Bypass Corridor were changed in this zone, so property and legal relations in the transmission line relocation .

The capital is obliged to move the transmission line, which goes along the route, to the proper distance, and those works are still unfinished.

She said a few months ago that this job will be realized when the conditions for that are created.