The arrangement of Njegoš's park and promenade along Morača begins: A project that will change the face of Podgorica | Zvanični sajt kompanije Bemax Zvanični sajt kompanije Bemax



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The arrangement of Njegoš’s park and promenade along Morača begins: A project that will change the face of Podgorica

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, and the Executive Director of the Bemax company, Miladin Mijajlović, signed a contract today and laid the foundation stone for the construction of a promenade along the Morača and the arrangement of Njegoš Park. This marked the beginning of the realization of the project that the people of Podgorica have been waiting for for decades.

As it was announced from the Capital, Vukovic said that the residents of Podgorica have been waiting for this project for a long time, and that they will change the face of the city center.

“This event is really special for the Capital. After many years, we are marking the beginning of works on the construction of the first phase of the promenade along the Morača River and the reconstruction of Njegoš Park, which the citizens of this city have been waiting for a long time, “said Vukovic and thanked the company” Bemax “. and partners from Erste Bank who will provide funds for the purchase of urban furniture.

Jovana Vuksanović, on behalf of the company “Bemax”, pointed out that these two valuable projects are donations from the company she represents, and that it is a special pleasure for them to work together with the Capital to beautify and develop Podgorica.

The first phase of the construction of the promenade includes works on the stretch from Sastavaki to Labud beach, with a total length of about 400 meters.

The width of the trail is 2.40 meters with three extensions in the form of small squares, places for gathering and resting, and there are four access points to the promenade (under the Blaž Jovanović Bridge, from Njegoš Park from the position where the fountain is located, direction Njegošev Park – Suspension Bridge and from the beach Labud).

Milena Latković, on behalf of the Office of the Chief City Architect, pointed out that the chosen solution best shows the connection between the city and the river, and the citizens and visitors of Podgorica will be provided with a new, unique space for rest and recreation.

The engineer of landscape architecture of the company Zelenilo, Snezana Laban, said that the project of landscaping envisages the revitalization of Njegos Park with an emphasis on preserving its identity.

“Njegos Park is the first green area in Podgorica. During the design, two main motifs in the park were recognized – Njegoš’s monument and fountain, as well as valuable vegetation that will be preserved. The construction of a pavilion or summer house is planned in the park, as well as an amphitheater with a view of Morača, and the adaptation of a fountain with a bio-lake. In addition, park furniture is planned, such as park benches, swings for adults, trash cans, new public lighting, a new hydro system and table tennis tables, ”concluded Laban.

In the capital, they point out that the plant fund will be supplemented with a new floor of shrubs, perennials and other ornamental plants, along with the reconstruction of the hydro system.

The park furniture will be completely replaced with 85 new benches and 60 waste baskets, and three swings for adults will be installed.

“Everyone present tonight reacted positively to what will be the future appearance of Njegoš Park and the promenade along Morača, and the Capital will continue to listen to the needs of citizens with the goal of making Podgorica a city tailored to each of its inhabitants,” the Podgorica administration concluded.