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Sports and recreational zone in Tološka forest opened two months before the scheduled deadline

The construction of the sports and recreational zone in the second part of the Tološka forest, which opened on Sunday, July 11, thanks to a donation of 800,000 euros from the company Bemax, was completed two months before the deadline.

“The deadline for the completion of works was the end of August. So, we finished the project almost two months before the scheduled deadline “, said Jovana Vuksanović for Portal Analitika on behalf of the company Bemax.

She emphasized that during the execution of works, due to the crown of the crisis, they had difficulties in procuring materials and hiring the necessary labor force.

“Also, quality was in the first place, and considering that certain materials that were installed do not suffer from high temperatures during the installation itself, we were forced to perform the works in the evening as well,” said Vuksanović.

She specified that a special rubber base was installed on the basketball courts, intended for outdoor courts, which consists of several layers.

“This substrate suffers from large temperature oscillations, UV radiation and moisture. On the trim and sprint track, as well as on the stations with exercise equipment, a tartan mat is installed, a professional mat that is also installed on athletic tracks. Park furniture is a combination of wood, steel and stainless steel. The two-way bicycle path is reinforced concrete, over which a special waterproofing coating in red was made, which suffers from various external influences, “Vuksanović pointed out.

She said that Bemax will continue to participate in beautifying the Capital.

“This will certainly not be our last donation and cooperation with the Capital.” We will continue to do professionally everything we do with an emphasis on social responsibility, by which we are recognized “, Vuksanović underlined.