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Podgorica received the most modern sports and recreational zone; Vukovic announced more such projects

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, with his associates and representatives of the Bemax company, opened a new sports and recreational zone in the second part of the Tološka Forest tonight.

It is a project worth 800,000 euros, and it is a donation from Bemax.

On an area of ​​30,000 square meters, two basketball courts were built, a pedestrian path, a trim path, a two-way bicycle path, a trim bar, a street workout station with exercise equipment, as well as a playground for children. Within the newly built zone, new park furniture, fountains, as well as parking for cyclists have been installed. Also, new seedlings of plants were planted, grass was sown and an irrigation system was installed.

Tonight we have the opportunity to hand over to our fellow citizens the most modern sports and recreational zone in the Capital. The project was successfully realized in partnership between the Women’s Basketball Club “Buducnost Bemax” and the Capital. projects are changing the face of Podgorica, so it is slowly but surely becoming a modern European city, “the mayor said.

Basketball courts, as well as baskets and the rest of the inventory are made in accordance with world standards. A special base is placed over the concrete slab, which is used on professional sports fields. For those who enjoy hiking, within this complex there is a hiking trail, and there are also trim and sprint trails, covered with a sports tartan mat, and a two-way bike trail painted red.

A novelty in this area is the trim bar, near which a space for the youngest visitors with children’s equipment has been built, and only the playgrounds include paths for cycling and scooters, as well as a tartan polygon.

Jovana Vuksanović, on behalf of Bemax, said that this is another project that, in addition to numerous challenges, was completed ahead of schedule. She reminded that the company she represents supports the development of sports, and that she gladly participates in the realization of projects that are beneficial for the wider community.

“It is important to point out that all interested visitors and sports fans will be able to use this space for free, except for basketball courts in the evening, under the spotlight, and in the case of organized tournaments,” Vuksanović pointed out.

Visitors enjoyed a rich sports and recreational program, and prizes were awarded for the best participants in the competition.

The mayor wished his fellow citizens a pleasant stay in this area and said that there will be more such projects in the coming period.