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Bemax ahead of schedule: Bulevar Podgorica – Danilovgrad possible before april next year

On the future 15-kilometer-long boulevard with four lanes, which will connect Podgorica and Danilovgrad, 100 machines and the same number of workers have been hired.

The works on the construction of the boulevard Podgorica – Danilovgrad are proceeding according to the planned dynamics, and so far we are satisfied with what we have done and how much, the company Bemaks, which is the contractor on this section, announced. Reconstruction of the main road and construction of the boulevard began in July last year. The investor is the Traffic Administration, and the contracted value of the works is 24 million euros.

The anticipated deadline for the completion of works is July next year. We are currently ahead of schedule and hope to complete the work ahead of schedule. However, the current situation with the kovid-19 virus is also reflected in the construction industry, so we cannot be sure what will happen in less than two years – said Pobjeda from Bemax and added that the works are being carried out in accordance with the rules of the profession.

So far, we have been working on excavation, replacement of materials where necessary, on the embankment, construction of the span structure of the Komanski and Matica bridges and construction of prefabricated girders for the span structure of the Susica bridge – said Bemax.
We have specified that 60 percent of the excavations and embankments have been completed so far, the span construction on Komanski most and Matica has been completed, 520 meters of retaining walls out of a total of 1.6 kilometers provided by the contract.
Bemax announced that the length of the section that is the subject of reconstruction is 15 kilometers – from the Komanski bridge to the roundabout at the entrance to Danilovgrad.

The cross-section of the road consists of four traffic lanes 3.25 meters wide, ie two for each direction, a dividing island 4.5 meters wide, sidewalks, berms, a two-meter wide sidewalk is designed at the entrance to Podgorica (500 meters) and at the entrance to Danilovgrad (800 meters) – stated from Bemax.
The construction of a new road construction, traffic signals, public lighting, retaining walls, reconstruction of the existing bridges Mareza, Komanski, Matica and Sushica, construction of new bridges in parallel with the existing ones, culverts on the route, atmospheric sewers are planned. The construction of bus stops and roundabouts near the Public Institution Komanski most, turns for Ćafa and Baloče, Bandići, Novo Selo, Jastreb and Strahinići and for Ćurilac are also planned on the route.

100 machines and the same amount of labor are engaged in this work.