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We are Bemax

RSCG and Bemax signed a new sponsorship contract

The Handball Association of Montenegro and the company “Bemax” signed a new sponsorship agreement. On the basis of the contract signed in the premises of the Association by the president of the Association Petar Kapisoda and the executive director of the company “Bemax” Miladin Mijajlović, one of the most successful Montenegrin companies and in the […]

“Bemax” and the following year with Marija Vuković

After a mini-break between two seasons, Marija Vuković left for Athens, where she will start preparations for the indoor season already tomorrow. The day before returning to Greece, Marija signed a new sponsorship contract, so that the biggest and best construction company in Montenegro “Bemax” will be with our athlete next year as well. “Bemax” […]

Prestigious award for Bemax Arena: The most beautiful small hall

Bemax Arena is the winner of the prestigious award of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the International Association for Sports and Recreational Facilities (IACS). Seven facilities received the IPC IAKS award for affordable sports facilities, and among them is the Bemax Arena from Podgorica. As representatives of Bemax Arena, the award was given to […]

Vukovic with the residents of Zlatica: Soon a new sports and recreational zone

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vukovic, visited Stara Zlatica, where the reconstruction of Dunavska Street is underway and the construction of a new sports and recreational zone has officially begun. As it was announced from the Capital, Vukovic reminded that two months ago, the dynamics of the realization of two important projects for this part […]

The new school in Tološi enrolls the first students next year

Construction teams are currently carrying out concrete work on the new, primary school in Tološi, Jovana Vuksanović, a representative of Bemax, which is the main contractor on the project, told Gradski radio. Bemax says that the deadline for the construction of a new primary school in Podgorica will be met, which means that the first […]

The arrangement of Njegoš’s park and promenade along Morača begins: A project that will change the face of Podgorica

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, and the Executive Director of the Bemax company, Miladin Mijajlović, signed a contract today and laid the foundation stone for the construction of a promenade along the Morača and the arrangement of Njegoš Park. This marked the beginning of the realization of the project that the people of Podgorica […]

Sports and recreational zone in Tološka forest opened two months before the scheduled deadline

The construction of the sports and recreational zone in the second part of the Tološka forest, which opened on Sunday, July 11, thanks to a donation of 800,000 euros from the company Bemax, was completed two months before the deadline. “The deadline for the completion of works was the end of August. So, we finished […]

Podgorica received the most modern sports and recreational zone; Vukovic announced more such projects

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, with his associates and representatives of the Bemax company, opened a new sports and recreational zone in the second part of the Tološka Forest tonight. It is a project worth 800,000 euros, and it is a donation from Bemax. On an area of ​​30,000 square meters, two basketball courts […]

A hiking trail is being built in the Tološka forest at the initiative of the citizens

A number of citizens addressed the Capital with a request that, in addition to the newly built sports and recreational park in Tološka forest, a pedestrian path be built, which would primarily serve numerous students of the elementary school “Radojica Perović”, and then all pedestrians. Appreciating the justification of this request, the construction of the […]

Bemax donated 800,000 euros for a new park in Tološi: Built basketball courts, trim track and bar, playground…

The construction of a sports and recreational park in Tološka šuma, in Podgorica, is coming to an end, and in seven or eight days that zone will be open to all visitors and sports fans. Civil engineering coordinator Jovana Vuksanović, on behalf of Bemax, told CdM that the construction of the park, worth 800,000 euros, […]