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We are Bemax

Bemax gift: Elementary school students from Dajbaba will receive New Year’s packages

At the request of the president of the local community of Dajbaba, Jadranko Đukanović, the company Bemax donated funds for the purchase of New Year’s packages for the students of the Elementary School “Oktoih” – the regional department of Dajbaba. Djukanovic pointed out that they are grateful to Bemax for the donation. “This is another […]

Construction progress of the highway: left side of Moračica bridge asphalted, toll station in Smokovac almost finished

All major structures on the highway – bridges and tunnels – have been finished. Completion works, i.e. works on drainage, hydro-isolation on bridges, preparation for the asphalt and walls for the protection from noise are almost done, representatives of Bemax Company have told CdM. “As far as paving is concerned, we’ll have reached 30th kilometer of […]

Our basketball selection without defeat to gold medals

Devet od devet za dva zlatna odličja to je učinak naših košarkaških selekcija na Igrama malih zemalja. Crnogorke i Crnogorci su u Topolici do kraja zadržali maksimalan učinak i osvojili su prva mjesta na košarkaškim turnirima. Košarkašice su na kraju pobijedile Monako 56:46. Izabranice Jelene Škerović su tako nakon Malte, Kipra, Islanda i Luksemburga savladale […]