A company that builds Montenegro

Master Quart

Building area – phase I i II – 45.060 m2

Phase Ia i Ib:
Undergraund garages UP 5a, 5b, 5c i 5d i kolek.
Residential building on UP 5a i 5b
Building area: 17.332,20 m2
Value of contracted works: 11.000.000 €

Phase IIa:
Undergraund garages UP 5e, 5f, 5g ,5h i 5i
Building area: 11.938,79 m2
Value of contracted works: 4.500.000 €
Phase IIb:
Residential and business building on UP 5e i 5g
Building area: 15.789,01 m2
Value of contracted works: 3.500.000 €
Phase IIc:
Residential and business building on UP 5f i 5h
Building area: 15.497,69 m2
Value of contracted works: 4.000.000 €
Phase Ib:
Residential and business building on UP 5b-1, 5b-2, 5d-1 i 5b-2
Building area: 21.053,98 m2
Value of contracted works: 4.000.000 €

Degree of completion of the object:

  • Earthwork – done 100%
  • Concrete and reinforced concete works – done 100%
  • Masonry work – done 100%


Master inženjering d.o.o.




2019 – 2022

Value of contracted works:

27.000.000 €

A new concept that pushes the boundaries of luxury in new construction is called Master quart and opens a new chapter in housing in Montenegro.

As a result of the investor’s vision, the most luxurious residential and businiess complex in Podgorica will be an unusual combination of top quality construction, modern housing and unusual comfort.

The design and construction of this neighborhood incorporates extensive experience and significant resources, primarily with the desire to creating a new and different highly functional living space – establish and impose a new and much higher standard in the construction of residential and commercial complexes in Montenegro and construction in general.

Every detail is planned in order to create a peaceful, comfortable and safe environment for future tenants and their families and provide comfort and functionality of living space at the highest level. The desire of investors is to provide them with the opportunity to dedicate to the family and forget that they are in the new heart of the city, which is rapidly pulsing in its developmental rhythm.

Attractive in every view, this neighborhood will have more than 640 housing units, of which Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV will have:

Studio – 32
Single bedroom apartment – 195
Two bedroom apartment – 254
Three bedroom apartment – 79
Two bedroom duplex apartments – 20
Three bedroom duplex apartments – 38
Four bedroom duplex apartments – 17
Five-room duplex apartments – 4
Multi-content duplex apartments – 1
Entire floors of duplex apartments – 1

Dvosoban duplex

as well as an adequate number of garage spaces on two floors, with provided entrance to the complex from several directions.

The location is extremely well connected with other parts of the city and with all important city facilities and is close to the central shopping zone in Podgorica, recreational and entertainment facilities, but also schools, colleges, banks, institutions and the like.

Several thousand square meters of green space inside and around the building, with carefully selected types of lower vegetation, ornamental flowers and trees, will further contribute to the quality of life of each tenant of this complex individually, but also to the overall culture of housing. Completion of the construction of the first phase of the complex is planned for August 2021.