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Concrete plant, LIEBERHERR Mobilmix 2,25 A-R/DW
Type: Mobilmix 2,25 A-R/DW
Year of manufacture: 2013

Specifications mixers

Operating voltage / frequency (Hz) 400V/50
Rated power output of the entire plant (kW) 127
Power consumption of the entire plant (A) 238
Nominal size mixers (m3) 2,25.
The theoretical performance of mixers in accordance with DIN 459 m3 of solid concrete (m3 / h) approximately 103
Area Filter outgoing air vent forced mixer (m2) 20
Engine power transmission with the brake on the elevator charger (kW) 30
Volume of the serial pocket silo (m3) 4×35
Height of concrete delivery (m) 4.0
Max. capacity scales for cement (kg) 1200
Max. capacity scales for water (kg) 600
Max. capacity scales for additional means (kg) 50
The power auger for transporting cement (m3 / h) 72
Volume of the silo for concrete (in the workplace) 2x100t
The content of dust in the rest of the clean air (mg/m3) <20
Required nominal size water connection at the zero level (mm) 65
Required water pressure (bar) 2.5
Effective delivery volume compressor (l / min) 340 l / min
Max. operating pressure for the air-conditioning (at least) 10 bar
Manage Litronic MPS III
Continuous sound pressure in the workplace handling (dB(A)) max 70

Specifications Mixer 2,25 DW ident. no.: 9345 041 05
Specifications strips weighing
Max. strips weighing capacity of additional funds (kg) 6000
Wheelbase (m) 19.72
Transportation speed (m / s) 1.23
Belt width (mm) 800
Power drive motor (kW) 18.5