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Bijelo Polje

Fabrika Betona

Concrete plant, PROGRES, Milanovac, digital ABS*50

Catalog data from manufacturers

Digital process control
Cement Dispenser (measuring computer, the system probes)
Scale unit (measurement system using three measuring probes, reading
fraction of aggregates in the operator’s computer)
Pneumatic Installation – Variation of fractions 4-5
Year of production: 2008.
Capacity of fresh concrete (m3 / h) 45-50
Dry mixers filling (l) 1125
Batch of fresh concrete (l) 900
The permitted size of granulated (square / round) (mm) 50/70
Aggregate weigher (kg) 2000
Cement weigher (kg) 400
Required water flow (m3 / h) 20
Required water pressure (bar) 4-6
The final value of the dial gauge (l) 200
Required capacity of screw conveyors for cement (t / h) 30
Required bowl capacity (m3 / h) 60-80
Mass of concrete (kg) 13 000
Installed capacity concrete (no screw conveyors and scraper) (kW) 46
Power supply 220/380V