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We are one of the first private construction companies in Montenegro, which has become a regionally recognizable brand in the construction industry,

and has built a reputation in all construction works. Thanks to the professional approach to project implementation, in all segments of the construction industry, Bemax takes a leading position in the market.

Value of current projects:

358.045.241,32 €

Value of completed projects:

885.171.656,97 €


Our approach involves the application of professional and ethical standards, the engagement of highly qualified personnel, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and machinery,

and the application of innovations in technical and aesthetic aspects of construction.

Number of significant completed projects:

229 projekts

(out of which 122 civil engineering and infrastructure, 79 construction sites, 28 energy facilities)

Number of ongoing projects:

16 projekts

(out of which 9 civil engineering and infrastructure, 6 high-rise construction; 1 energy facilities)


Human resources as the driving force of the company.

We are very proud because the attitude towards employees is one of the working principles on which the company was built.

Number of Bemax employees:


Number of subcontractors employees:


Max. capacity for concrete distribution on 9 different locations:

30 – 110 m3/h

Max. capacity of the asphalt mass distribution in two different locations:

200 – 240 t/h

Max. stone processing capacity at 19 different locations:

35 – 200 t/h